Cochlear Implant Selection


The CI is going…

The CI is going to help me a whole lot and I can’t wait to hear the world differently. What will it sound like ?  How would the first day go?  I have an appointment on friday they are going to show me the implant and I am looking forward to that.


Hi my name is Sammie and have two brothers named Benny and Jacob . I am nine, Jacob is eight , and Benny is six. Jacob and I have hearing aids . I had them for 7 and a half years Jacob had them for one year , and we both are about to get cochlear implants. We learned that it takes a lot of time and we haved to have surgery for it . So we are going to do a video diary . We looked online and most people are teenagers or babies so this is going to be hard to get them .Here is my first video diary and a link to a cochlear implant site I’ve been looking at .

Hello World…

This is the new Hicks family blog! There is a lot going on right now and  we have a lot to share. Sammie wants to share her cochlear implant journey with her family, friends, teammates, and classmates. We think it is a great idea. I think that sharing this experience from the beginning will help everyone understand what this all means. Jacob is not far behind her in the process and is on a different kind of adventure. He was not born hearing impaired like Sammie. He started losing his hearing only 2 years ago and the past year has lost most of it. He cannot read lips, he does not know sign language, and has only 1 year of deaf ed compared to his sister’s 7 years.