Hello World…

This is the new Hicks family blog! There is a lot going on right now and  we have a lot to share. Sammie wants to share her cochlear implant journey with her family, friends, teammates, and classmates. We think it is a great idea. I think that sharing this experience from the beginning will help everyone understand what this all means. Jacob is not far behind her in the process and is on a different kind of adventure. He was not born hearing impaired like Sammie. He started losing his hearing only 2 years ago and the past year has lost most of it. He cannot read lips, he does not know sign language, and has only 1 year of deaf ed compared to his sister’s 7 years.



4 thoughts on “Hello World…

  1. I saw the video on CNN and think it’s wonderful your daughter provided this information, on what can be very scary for those suffering from hearing loss. My daughter was diagnosed with enlarged vestibular aqueducts in both ears that caused her sensorineural hearing loss. She lost her hearing in her right ear 4 years ago and has mild loss in her left. She is now 13. We realize cochlear implants may be in her future. She is also a musician and has a love for music. Can you tell me how your daughter hears music?

    • Sammie has always enjoyed music, even though she got most of it through vibrations. Now she is learning to listen to music with her CI. It will take some training but we are optimistic about her being able to enjoy music again! Right now she can hear some of the instruments and the beat. Cochlear company has some great training programs and we start therapy next month.

      Good luck to you and your daughter! Please, keep us updated on her journey!

    • Hi this is Sammie i just read your post. i hear music by vibrations and the drums in the music but I only hear some of the words with out cochlear implants. My audiologist says it will get better though.

  2. Just want to say that I also have a cochlear implant which I have had since the device was implanted behind my ear way back in either 1991 or 1992. Hard to believe it’s been twenty years. I did not know it at the time, but discovered through my audiologist at Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto, Canada that I was one of the very first in Toronto ( and possibly Canada …. I say possibly, because I do not remember if he was talking about all of Canada or just Toronto … I will ask him next time I see him ).

    I wish you all the best in your journey of discovery with your cochlear implant. Reason why I say this, is because that is what it was like for me. I have had hearing difficulties all my life, from birth I think, and have twice lost my hearing. The first time was in 1985 and for two months could not hear a sound until I got a hearing aid. I could not believe it when the same thing happened to me a second time in 1990, and this time the hearing loss was permanent until I received the CI device. It took me ages to learn to identify various sounds and noises …. sort of like having to relearn how to hear I guess. Even today, all these years later, I will come across some kind of noise that I cannot identify and it drives me nuts almost until I finally make sense of it.

    All the best to you and your family,

    a cochlear implant user in Canada

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