Hi my name is Sammie and have two brothers named Benny and Jacob . I am nine, Jacob is eight , and Benny is six. Jacob and I have hearing aids . I had them for 7 and a half years Jacob had them for one year , and we both are about to get cochlear implants. We learned that it takes a lot of time and we haved to have surgery for it . So we are going to do a video diary . We looked online and most people are teenagers or babies so this is going to be hard to get them .Here is my first video diary and a link to a cochlear implant site I’ve been looking at .


2 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. Oh Samantha, it’s so exciting but scary at the same time isn’t it? Who knows what sounds you will be able to hear after CI? It’s going to be quite a journey, one that you and Jacob will be able to experience together!!Grandma and Grandpa and Noelle love you guys so much we know that you’re going to do GREAT!!!

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