Sammie’s CI Activation

A happy, overwhelming afternoon!

12 thoughts on “Sammie’s CI Activation

    • This is so great :) Thanks for sharing!! I started crying when she talked about her first day at school and all her experiences! So awesome! Can’t wait to hear more and so happy she is doing well with her cochlear implant!

  1. My sister just had her second c. implant put in 2 days ago. It will be activated June 4. We’re all very excited for her…it will be the first time she has heard anything in that ear since she was 3 (52 years ago)!!!! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Man, this made my day. Soooo happy for Sammie. What a great thing. You seem like you have an awesome, supportive family. Here is to all the new experiences and sounds you will hear!

  3. I remember when my CI got turned on for the first time. It was so overwhelming for me. I had my surgery at UNC Chapel Hill and I got turned on July 14, 1998. I was 13. Going from wearing double hearing aids since I was 5 to the implant, HUGE difference. So happy for her!

  4. This makes my heart so happy! Sammie, I wish you all the best with your implant. Go enjoy life and God bless you sweetie! ♥

  5. Hi Sammie, okay?
    I’m from Brazil!
    We Brazilians have seen a report on their TV and are very happy for you!

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