Video Diary: 3 weeks after

Sammie updates us on how she is doing.


13 thoughts on “Video Diary: 3 weeks after

  1. What a beautiful, strong and brave girl you are!! Thank you so much for sharing your journey with the world. I am honored that you chsoe to let us in to your world and learn about what you are experiencing. You are my hero!

  2. Sammie, you continue to amaze me. I am so very happy you can hear the birds now! Jen, you are simply amazing. Your commitment to helping Sammie process this is so admirable. When she looks back at these videos she will surely know how much you love her!

  3. It’s lovely to hear that you make a great progress, Sammie! This is awesome! I was nine years old when I got my first implant and unfortunately I barely remember a thing. I just remember the activation day and I cried like you, because everything was so confusing and overwhelming. Now — nine years later — I wish I would have done the same: writing a blog and having a video diary. Please keep writing and capturing everything. In maybe ten years you will be thankful for that — trust me. 🙂 And to your awesome Mommy: Jen, the way you are supporting your children is wonderful! I’m so looking forward to see more entrys and videos from you soon!

  4. Hi Hicks family!
    I saw your story on Huffington Post and have watched/read your whole blog! Thanks for being willing to share your experience with others. I think a lot of kids (and parents) understand the process. I’m glad you can hear pencils, the bus, and pages turning! I know there are a lot of things you will enjoy for the rest of your life! I would also like to say thanks to your mom. You are a wonderful, supportive, and clearly fun mom. As a special ed teacher, I wish all moms were like you.
    Enjoy the noisy world!

  5. Saw your story on… I love clicking on news that is positive – I instantly cried – I am 35 yo father of 2 little girls… I am so happy for you Sammie…

  6. Hi i just saw an article about Sammie on a Brazilian website (, Im brazilian but living in US. I already read the whole blog, saw all the videos and im so happy, emotional( yes, i had cry), amazed how brave the whole family are. Thank you so much for sharing your family story.

  7. Hi Sammie and family!

    I just saw the article on ABC – this is so amazing, and so inspirational. I was smiling and tearing up at the same time. Thank you so much for sharing your journey with the world.

  8. Sammie you are very strong girl! Your story inspires not only USA but the rest of the world! I wish you all the best for you and your family! Kisses from Greece!

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