Video Diary: Update after “tweeked” CI programming

Sammie visited the audiologist last Tuesday to get more programs on here processor. She says everything sounds a lot better.


11 thoughts on “Video Diary: Update after “tweeked” CI programming

  1. I really wish all these videos had been closed captioned since I can’t understand a lot of whats being said. I am very happy for you that you’re able to hear those sounds that everyone else takes for granted. I myself, have a moderate to severe hearing loss borderline profound and struggle daily but a CI isn’t going to help me any more than my hearing aids do. Congrats though!! Very emotional!!

  2. Sammie, in witting you from spain, europe. I just Want to tell you how brave you are. You are ammazing. I hope you and your brother enjoy your new listening!!

  3. I agree with Heather, It would be great if they were CC’d. I am profoundly deaf (getting implanted on July 11th) and with the fact she is a kid, moves around a bunch and has braces, its almost impossible to lipread her. She is a super cute kid though! and so happy that she has been given the opportunity to hear (and that she was able to choose it on her own). Best of luck with your implant, and keep blogging!

    • Hi there! I am trying to go back and CC all videos currently but it has been really crazy with work, Jacob’s implant, and end of school year stuff. I apologize for not being on top of that! Especially since we rely on them at home and know how important they are. Do you happen to know anything easier than captiontube?

      Thank you and good luck with your CIs!
      Jen Hicks

  4. What a lovely delightful sweet expressive girl. So lovely getting to peak into your experiences with the CI. Lucky parents to have a great kid like you. 🙂

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