Life is Good: A Note from Mom

This summer has been a big cloud of busy, hot, crazy days. The kids have been just spending time playing, swimming, reading, and driving me crazy. I work full time from home so summer means waking early, working before the kids wake, coffee, cooking, entertaining, working, breaking up fights, appointments, working, coffee, conference calls, more cooking, working, cleaning, baseball, and a glass of wine. I love the schedule of summer though. I love that the kids can sleep in and only worry about themselves for a while. I think it is exactly what the Hicks kids needed. The surgeries and activations were tough. Jake is having a super easy time with his CI. Sammie is amazed at the simplest, every day sounds. She looked at me wide eyed today when I was cutting sponges for a project today. “Cutting makes sound?” Amazing. I am thankful for these “quiet” days the kids have to get used to their CIs and wonder how school days will be for them. Jake was activated in summer so he has not hrd the crazy classroom noise in years. I know he will love it.

A friend shared this on our FB:

“I have to say that I love, love, love the personality that I’m seeing from Jake, since he’s had his cochlear implant activated. I didn’t know him well before he lost his hearing, but he was always quiet, and seemed sad. Every time I’m with him now, he’s laughing, being silly, talking non-stop…♥!! Such awesomeness!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you to the inventor of this incredible technology!! It would have been incredibly sad, for the world to not be able to experience the true personality of Jake!!?

The kids with the first bilateral CI user!


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