Meet James.

My cousin James was paralyzed last month in a snowboarding accident. He is the 15 year old AWESOME kid with the pink mohawk in the wheelchair on the right in this video.

His c5 vertebrae shattered. His spirit was not. Though low times are imminent and expected, hope, science, and faith can work together to make wonderful things happen.

James, hold on to what you have inside of you. Hold on to laughter, everyday victories, and your family. Right now nothing else matters. Things taken for granted in he past by you or every day by others will be monumental and inspirational to everyone that knows you.

Watching you in this video, moving like you do, is AMAZING. YOU are amazing. You have the world rooting for you James O’Neel. Dig deep James, give it ALL YOU HAVE.

We love you. Work it kid.

We have set up a fund for James, as you might imagine this injury comes with a lot if need. The fund is at Spokane Teachers Credit Union

707 West Main Avenue
Spokane, WA 99201
(509) 326-1954

and you just have to tell them it is for the James O’Neel Benefit Fund.


3 thoughts on “Meet James.

  1. Thanks for sharing! Time to do the Harlem Shake!!! James, believe the Lord when he says….this did not come to keep you down, but to show the power of God’s Spirit within you! Transform the world through your faith!!! Believing in testimony to come!!!

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