Insurance Approved Jake’s 2nd CI

After a hard summer of losing another 20 db in hearing, Jake is ready for his 2nd CI. We just found out yesterday and we are so very excited. It is frustrating to Jake to not be able to hear out of one ear. He melted down in the grocery store onSaveInputImage(3)e day because he was having such a hard time hearing us talk. I know that having this 2nd CI is going to help him. Next Friday, the 16th, he will go in for surgery.


6 thoughts on “Insurance Approved Jake’s 2nd CI

  1. I am sorry to hear he has been struggling! I am thrilled he has his surgery scheduled! He will be in my thoughts and prayers! I miss you guys! I hope to see you soon! Miss Cindy

  2. Congratulations! I’m so happy for Jake and wish him good look for his surgery! How is he coping with his first implant? There have been just updates on Sammy lately, but not so much on Jake…

  3. So sorry to hear about his struggles! Very exciting to hear that he is now able to get his other CI!!! I know it’s going to make a big change for him! Thoughts and prayers with Jacob and your family through the next surgery!

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