One Week After Jake’s 2nd Activation

I am happy to say that Jake is doing much better a week later. He has had only a couple complaints. The kids moving papers around and tapping pencils on the desk are the worst. His hair is growing back where his incision is, he has been working through his programs, and he has gained back the couple pounds he lost after surgery. 

I am thrilled that this chapter is over. The past decade has been filled with anxiety and worry about their hearing loss. There has been denial, guilt, anger, and worry mixed in with all the great things. I am glad that I do not have to wait for the hearing to be gone and the emotions that go with dips. My kids get upset when they feel like they are missing something. It breaks my heart. I know that they feel more confident in their lives with their CIs and I do to. 

Cheers to Dr. Bauer, his audiologist Janee, and the entire ENT for Children office.